Hopefully back on track

I don’t know how people keep up with the Blog posts.  I find myself being dragged in to many other things that the blog goes out of my head.  Anyway…I know no one is reading this (or is at all interested in what I say).

I am going to keep up with some of the other activities over the Easter Break, just to see if/ what I am missing out on.

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Falling behind the pack

I am feeling a little out of sorts with this when I read other’s work on the blogs.  I am just past week two and although I can get myself around this site, it feels like being a dog with  one leg.

I will keep this up and put some effort in to things this weekend, amongst the ‘undred other tasks and activities.  Hope the weather is poor so don’t feel too bad for not going out.

I measure the start of Spring by the date that I see my first frog; that was today, unfortunately for the frog it won’t  see anything else of Spring due to it being headless following what I would guess was an unsucessful fight with a cat.  Happily the pond I live next to has frogs in it I saw another, much more alive frog make a dash for the reeds when I went near.  This make me happy, along with the though that days will lengthen and warm up.

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Want my blog to look better


just had the opportunity to look at my blog compared to others.  Unfortunately, I can upload pictures from my iphone as it looks like the site doesn’t accommodate the MOV platform.  My blog therefore looks a little dull.

On a positive note, I have made reasonable progress with my PhD this morning (Saturday 19th of Feb).  It took me ages but I am beginning to deepen my understanding of maturity and legal concepts.  I feel it is like poking around in a thick soup and then being surprised as new `bits` come to the surface:  always more, always deeper always frustrating,  and  yet assuring at the same time.

Onwards and upwards


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A game of 3 halves!

Joined the ranks of bloggers today, which is either going to motivate me to write lots or crash and burn within a couple of weeks, depending on the experience and what I get out of/put in to it.

I am currently working on my Professional Doctorate, looking at youth justice and issues of children’s maturity, linked with the age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales.  I feel that we in E and W have the age set far too low, not reflecting a range of civic, psychological and biological age-related concepts. 

This blog is to help me network and spread my mind (so I’ve been told)- what do you think?


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